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Vapeplay Flavor Concentrates:

Our flavor concentrates are exclusive to Vapeplay. We blended vape safe flavors to create unique blends that are both safe and flavorful for use with vaporization. No other on-line store offers our blend of flavors, but they may be available in some retail outlets that we supply. We use PG as our flavor base and for e-juice calculation purposes our flavors should be calculated as 100% PG for the best results. There is no Diacetyl, Acetoin or acetyl propionyl in any of our flavors.


NEWS, NEWS, NEWS: We have just finished our work on a 3500 MaH EGO CE4s style pen for CBD Oil and THC Oil. Keep an eye out for coming soon to California

New Flavor

Apple Cream Waffle. OMG! Full creamy apple deliciousness.

Welcome to is a ONE STOP SHOP that supply both finished e-liquid and also support the growing DIY enthusiast. Our products include
e-cigarettes, quit smoking kits, vaporizer pens and all accessories needed by the DIY enthusiast. Our specialized e-juice is made with a smooth blend of a high quality flavor concentrates.

All our liquid products (ejuice, Flavor Concentrate, Nicotine Bases) are

Made In The United States.


Our In-House FLAVOR CONCENTRATES are blended from a mix of natural extracts and artificial flavor bases to create our OWN UNIQUE flavors. Our Flavors are all in-house creations, so you can be assured that our flavors will give a different blend and taste to your creations.

There is no Diacetyl, Acetoin or acetyl propionyl  in any of our flavors.

Have A Vape Day!

6 Pack Concentrate Flavor Sampler
Hot Deal
Product ID : 6pkCFS
A choice of 6 x 7ml concentrate flavors to mix with PG/VG to create you own...
Colored Vape Pen
Hot Deal
Product ID : Colored Vape Pen
Beginner Colored Vape Pen by Vapeplay. Based on EGO CE4 RED, BLACK, BLUE,...
DIY Starter Kit - Beginner
Hot Deal
Product ID : DIY Starter Kit
A kit designed for the beginner who wants to mix their own eliquid / ejuice.
Intermediate DIY Kit
Hot Deal
Product ID : ImDIYKit
All you need to create your own eJuice. Watch our how to make eJuice video.
Slim N' Swanky Vape Pen
Product ID : Slim N' Swanky Vape Pen
A new slim and stylish colored Vape pen. 650mAh. Comes with Needle Bottle and...
Vapepen Starter Kit BLACK BLUE or PINK
Product ID : Vapepen Starter Kit
All you need to start vaping out of the box.
100mg Nicotine Base
Hot Deal
Product ID : 100mg Nicotine Base
Apple Cream Waffle
Product ID : Apple Cream Waffle Concentrate
A Fresh hot steaming waffle topped with roasted apple and whipped cream.
Dragon Fruit Concentrate
Product ID : Dragon Fruit Concentrate
True Dragon flavor, add to anything to give it a lift of fruitiness.
Hot Deal
Product ID : FAM kit
MASSIVE POWER from a 26650 3.7v Monster battery. A solid heavy body with a...
Lucy's Loops Concentrate
Product ID : Lucy's Loops Concentrate
An original Vapeplay Cereal Flavor Concentrate. SMOOTH!!!!
Nicotine Base Pg Vg
Hot Deal
Product ID : Nicotine Base Pg Vg
This Ready mixed PG/VG is ready to Vape. Just add Flavor and you are good to go.
Peppermint Concentrate
Hot Deal
Product ID : Peppermint Concentrate
Not too sweet, a racy peppermint flavor.
Santa's Snack eJuice
Product ID : Santa's Snack eJuice
A sweet blend of milk and cookies. Hmmmm. Santa would be happy.
Vape Pen Starter Kit 650mAh
Hot Deal
Product ID : Vape Pen Starter Kit 650mAh
Vapepen Starter Kit 650mAh, Great Value. Wall adapter is now US style, 2 flat...
Wyatt's MILK Concentrate
Product ID : Wyatt's MILK Concentrate
30ml. The first of our new releases. SMOOTH Milky Taste with a twist.
Zipper Case Large
Hot Deal
Product ID : Zipper Case Large
Large enough to fit all your vape junk in! RED, BLUE, GREEN, PINK, PURPLE,...
PG / VG 200ml / 8oz
Hot Deal
Product ID : PG / VG 200ml / 8oz
A blend of 50 % Vegetable Glycerin and 50% Propylene Glycol for DIY mix....

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